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Sekisui Diagnostics proudly announces the launch of the SEKURE™ brand for Clinical Chemistry Reagents. The high quality chemistry products that you have purchased from us in the past are not changing, just being placed under a single brand that is easily recognized as from Sekisui Diagnostics.

As a company we have worked to provide customers with products that they can rely on for patient testing and reporting. It has been our mission to ensure that our commitment to the patient is proven by the quality products that we have supplied worldwide for over 30 years.

For Sekisui Diagnostics we wanted our new SEKURE brand of Clinical Chemistry reagents to communicate what is most important to us as a company; being dependable, providing products that are safe and reliable, and providing information that is trusted and protected. Our commitment is to continue to supply customers and patients worldwide with products they can trust from Sekisui Diagnostics. We are proud of what we do and we have proven that our customers like what we do by selling over 1.7 billion tests every year.

Our primary goal is to help our customers achieve the results they need to feel secure ….yes SEKURE.

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