Point Of Care Testing

Answers for Healthcare: Test and Treat in One Visit

Healthcare practices are busier than ever. Point of care testing gives patients fast, accurate diagnostic test results while they wait, so you can provide the right treatment as quickly as possible. 

Rapid Tests

Sekisui Diagnostics delivers your point of care testing lab a broad range of high quality rapid tests and fast immunoassay systems. These diagnostic tests allow you to cost-effectively diagnose at the point of care in one visit – reducing labor and follow-up time while increasing patient satisfaction.

You need the most accurate diagnostic test products on the market.

The OSOM® family of rapid tests and the FastPack® IP System offer you a wide variety of immunoassay, infectious disease, respiratory, family, men's and women's health test products. Sekisui Diagnostics’ highly-sensitive tests are just what you’re looking for:

Rapid Test Training

Having a well-trained staff is critical to your patients’ well-being. We provide online training modules and certificates to easily train your staff on the use of our rapid tests

FastPack® IP Automated Immunoassay System

We believe in giving you everything you need to enhance the patient experience, improve care and control costs.

The FastPack® IP Automated Immunoassay System allows your physician’s office lab to provide key quantitative test results in cases where there is immediate clinical value – for diagnosing, treating and drug monitoring while your patient is in your office. 

With FastPack® IP, your office can provide test results in 12 minutes or less for: TSH, Free T4, PSA, Testosterone, HCG, Vitamin D, Free PSA and αGST tests - giving you the ability to positively impact patient care immediately.

Accurate & Immediate Point of Care Results from OSOM® and FastPack® IP Can Help Facilitate:

  • Reducing follow-up visits
  • Allowing for faster, more precise treatment
  • Promoting education and prevention
  • Lowering healthcare costs
  • Eliminating advanced training needs
  • Improving practice reimbursement 

Let’s Get Your Patients the Care They Need – Fast!

Call today to learn more about our POC Testing options or to speak with a rep about evaluation kits. 

*see package insert for study details.