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Automated Coagulation System- CP3000

The superior combination of high throughput and a compact footprint enables the CP3000 to rapidly meet the workflow needs of laboratories of all sizes, while providing high quality and reliable results.

Features and Benefits


  • High throughput of up to 400 PT tests per hour
  • Small footprint


CP3000 tray

  • Internal reagent barcode reader for positive reagent identification of dedicated barcoded reagents
  • Clotting assays measured at 660nm to reduce interference from hemolysis, lipemia and icterus


  • Point in space connectivity to LAScp3000 lid open
  • Closed Tube Sampling (CTS) option
  • Continuous rack sample loading without needing to pause analysis

Excellent reagent performance

  • Predominately liquid reagents
  • Excellent on board stability


  • Dedicated barcoded reagents with associated calibrators and controls
  • CE Marked assays:

CP3000 reagents May 2017

  • Other assays are under development