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Silaris™ Influenza A&B Test

Silaris The CLIA Waived Silaris™ Influenza A&B Test is a molecular diagnostic test utilizing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology providing accurate results for early diagnosis and proper management of influenza.

Silaris Table

Features and Benefits

1. Accurate
          √  Molecular results
          √  State-of-the art microfluidic cassette technology
          √  PCR test using proprietary OscAR™ Technology
2. Affordable
          √  Single test for diagnosis
          √  Controls in every kit
          √  Molecular reimbursement (CPT Code 87502)
3. Simple
          √  Easy to use
          √  Nasal swab collection
          √  Compact portable dock with no calibration required
          √  Room temperature storage


Name Part Size
Silaris Influenza A&B Test (25 qty) 1027 Each (Kit)
Silaris Dock 1026 Each
Silaris Influenza A&B Control Kit 1024 Each (Kit)