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Introducing the first homogenous Procalcitonin (PCT) assay for use on virtually all general clinical chemistry analyzers thereby eliminating the need for high priced dedicated instrumentation. This PCT assay is a cost effective latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric methodology which utilizes multiple monoclonal antibodies for enhanced assay sensitivity and specificity. 

Features and Benefits

  • Fast test results (10 minutes) for a rapid turnaround time
  • Low sample volume required
  • Wide range of instrument parameters available for facilitating and simplifying implementation
  • Liquid stable reagent kit, calibrator and control sets offered separately (lyophilized)


Name Part Size
Procalcitonin Assay DZ558A-K 1 x 44 mL (R1); 1 x 14 mL (R2)
Procalcitonin Calibrator DZ558A-CAL 6 x 1 mL
Procalcitonin Control DZ558A-CON 2 x 3 mL