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Alanine Aminotransferase

An alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test measures the amount of this enzyme in the blood. ALT is found mainly in the liver, but also in smaller amounts in the kidneys, heart, muscles, and pancreas. ALT is measured to see if the liver is damaged or diseased. Low levels of ALT are normally found in the blood. But when the liver is damaged or diseased, it releases ALT into the bloodstream, which makes ALT levels go up. Most increases in ALT levels are caused by liver damage.

Features and Benefits


  • For the quantitative measurement of alanine aminotransferase. 
  • Two part stable liquid. Easy to use, no additional reagent preparation required.
  • Wide variety of chemistry analyzer applications are available. Flexible testing.


Name Part Size
ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE (ALT/SGPT)-SL 318-30 3x100 mL (R1); 1x75 mL (R2)