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Non-esterified Fatty Acid

Non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) are molecules released from triglycerides by the action of the enzyme lipase and are transported in the blood bound to albumin. They contribute only a small proportion of the body’s fat; however provide a large part of the body’s energy. Measurement of NEFA is important in diabetes where insulin deficiency results in the metabolism of fat. Levels are also frequently increased in obese patients.

Features and Benefits


  • For the quantitative measurement of non-esterfied fattay acids.
  • Color A once reconstituted is stable for 10 days at 2-10 C.
  • Color B once reconstituted is stable for 3 weeks.


Name Part Size
NEFA-HR 999-34691 4x50 mL Color A
NEFA-HR 995-34791 4x50 mL Solvent A
NEFA-HR 991-34891 4x25 mL Color B
NEFA-HR 993-35191 4x25 mL Solvent B