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Ferritin is an iron-containing protein with a molecular weight of approximately 450,000 daltons. It is found mainly in the human liver and spleen, where its function is to eliminate and store iron, and is also found in small amounts in human serum. Ferritin is decreased in iron deficiency anemia and increased in iron overload. Ferritin levels correlate with and are useful in evaluation of total body storage iron.

Features and Benefits


  • The Ferritin assay is a reagent for the quantitative measurement¬†of ferritin (an iron-storing protein) by an immunoturbidimetric assay. Measurements of ferritin aid in the diagnosis of diseases affecting iron overload and iron deficiency anemia.¬†
  • Reagents are ready to use and do not require reconstitution.


Name Part Size
FERRITIN KAI-095 1x18 mL (R1); 1x9 mL (R2)