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TTx DNA Polymerase


  • TTx DNA Polymerase exhibits reverse transcription activity in the presence of Mn2+ ions and allows for 1-Step 1-Enzyme RT-PCR, including reverse transcription and PCR steps. Effective for amplification from crude samples containing PCR inhibitors with high efficiency for both DNA and RNA. Suitable for amplification from low copies of template DNA/RNA and is efficient even in fast cycle condition.
  • In addition, TTx DNA Polymerase has a 5 ‘- 3’ exonuclease activity, so it can be used for real-time PCR using probe assays such as TaqMan® assay.

Key Specifications

Enzyme Specification

  • Ribonuclease Activity: None detected
  • Endonuclease Activity: None detected
  • Nicking Activity: None detected

Hot Start TTx [DNA/RNA] Kit Specification

  • Tested for functional performance by amplifying from dilutions of enterovirus RNA in combination with 5x Buffer for rTth/ TTx (DNA/ RNA)
  • The slope from analysis is as follows: -3.74 ≤ slope ≤ -3.01
  • The correlation coefficients from both analyses are as follows: r ≤ -0.980

 Key Characteristics

  • Enables highly efficient 1-enzyme 1-step RT-PCR
  • Effective amplification from crude samples
  • Fast- High speed qPCR cycling detection
  • Suitable for Multiplex PCR

Product Availability: US, Europe, Asia (only in selected countries)

Origin: Escherichia coli, Recombinant

Safety Data Sheets

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Name Part Size
TTx DNA Polymerase TTX-119 TTx DNA Polymerase 1KU
TTx DNA Polymerase TTX-129 TTx DNA Polymerase 10KU
TTx DNA Polymerase TTX-159 TTx DNA Polymerase 100KU
TTx DNA Polymerase (Glycerol free) TTX-219 TTx DNA Polymerase (Glycerol free) 1KU
TTx DNA Polymerase (Glycerol free) TTX-229 TTx DNA Polymerase (Glycerol free) 10KU
TTx DNA Polymerase (Glycerol Free) TTX-259 TTx DNA Polymerase (Glycerol free) 100KU
Hot Start TTx [DNA] kit HSTTX-101 Hot Start TTx DNA Polymerase (4U/uL) 62.5uL; 2x Buffer for rTth/TTx (DNA) 1.25mL x2
Hot Start TTx [RNA] kit HSTTX-111 Hot Start TTx DNA Polymerase (4U/uL) 62.5uL; 5x Buffer for rTth/TTx (DNA/RNA) 1mL; 50mM Mn (OAc)2 250uL; 2mM dNTPs 1 mL

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