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The STAT-Site® M β-HB meter measures the predominate ketone body, Beta Hydroxybutyrate (β-HB) in serum or plasma aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of metabolic ketoacidosis. It is composed of a reflectance photometer and dry-reagent test strips and is ideal for low testing laboratories.

Knowing β-HB levels offers useful information for monitoring ketoacidosis.

• Easy to use, quick, quantitative test. <80 seconds to result
• Automatic calibration
• Small sample size required (10 μL)

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Name Part Size
STAT-Site® M β-HB Test Strips 401010 4 x 10 strips
STAT-Site® β-HB Controls 303000 2 x 3 mL
STAT-Site® β-HB Linearity Check 303500 1 x 1 mL
STAT-Site® β-HB Diluent 202000 6 x 3 mL
STAT-Site® M β-HB Meter 400400 Each

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