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Non-esterified Fatty Acid

Non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) are molecules released from triglycerides by the action of the enzyme lipase and are transported in the blood bound to albumin. They contribute only a small proportion of the body’s fat; however provide a large part of the body’s energy. Measurement of NEFA is important in diabetes where insulin deficiency results in the metabolism of fat. Levels are also frequently increased in obese patients.


  • For the quantitative measurement of non-esterfied fatty acids.
  • Color A once reconstituted is stable for 10 days at 2-10 C.
  • Color B once reconstituted is stable for 3 weeks.

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Name Part Size
NEFA-HR 999-34691 4x50 mL Color A
NEFA-HR 995-34791 4x50 mL Solvent A
NEFA-HR 991-34891 4x25 mL Color B
NEFA-HR 993-35191 4x25 mL Solvent B

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