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Pancreatic lipase in serum or plasma is closely associated with pancreatic diseases. The activity of this enzyme is measured as an important marker for diagnosing pancreatic diseases and the associated monitoring of therapeutic effects. Pancreatic lipase measurement has been reported using titrimetric, turbidimetric, fluorometric, and colorimetric methodologies.


  • For the quantitative measurement of pancreatic lipase activity in serum or plasma.
  • Wide linear range. Reduces the need for repeat testing and sample dilutions.
  • Excellent precision. Confidence in results.
  • No significant interferences from triglyceride, glycerol, ascorbic acid, bilirubin, hemoglobin or lipemia. High reliability of testing and fewer re-tests.

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Lipase Color Kit 905-B 5x30 mL Reagent; 1x200 mL Solvent; 1x60 mL Activator; 2x3 mL Calibrator

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