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EC Number

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  • A mixture of lipase sourced from Chromobacterium viscosium and monoglyceride lipase sourced from Bacillus sp. It is useful for enzymatic determination of triclyceride

Key Features

  • High activity with good thermal and liquid stability

Key Specifications

  • Activity: Lipase 2000 – 3000 U/mg; monoglyceride lipase 16-24 U/mg
  • Appearance: Light brown powder

Key Characteristics

  • Thermal Stability: Stable at 65°C and below (pH 7.0, 30 mins)
  • Format: Freeze dried powder

Product Availability: Worldwide - excluding Japan

Origin: Chromobacterium viscosum Bacillus sp.

Safety Data Sheets

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Lipase T-116 KU

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