KOD One PCR Master Mix

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KOD One PCR Master Mix and KOD One PCR Master Mix Blue are two PCR Master Mixes based on genetically modified KOD DNA polymerase (UKOD). KOD One series enables fast PCR, which has an extension time of 5 sec/kb by applying UKOD a new Elongation Accelerator. These master mixes provide greater efficiency and elongation capabilities than conventional PCR enzymes. These show greater amplification success from crude specimens.

KOD One series contains two types of anti-KOD DNA polymerase antibodies that inhibit the polymerase and 3’→5’ exonuclease activities, thus allowing for Hot Start PCR. Primers or Templates Containing Inosines (dI) or Uracils (dU) can be used. KOD One series can use primers or templates containing Inosines (dI) or Uracils (dU), whereas conventional high-fidelity PCR enzymes cannot.

Key Specifications

PCR Assay 10kbp fragment could be amplified from human genomic DNA using fast cycle. Extension time is 50 seconds.

Key Characteristics

  • Fast
  • High fidelity and high efficiency
  • Amplification from crude samples
  • Applicable for Direct PCR, Colony PCR, Amplification of NGS libraries and site directed gene mutation

Product Availability: US, Europe, Asia (only in selected countries.)

Origin: Escherichia coli, Recombinant

Safety Data Sheets

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Name Part Size
KOD One PCR Master Mix KMM-101 Master Mix 1mL x 5 (200 reactions)
KOD One PCR Master Mix KMM-151 Master Mix 500mL (20,000 reactions)
KOD One PCR Master Mix -Blue KMM-201 Master Mix 1mL x 5 (200 reactions)
KOD One PCR Master Mix -Blue KMM-251 Master Mix 500mL (20,000 reactions)

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