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Human Kappa (κ) and Lambda (λ) Free Light Chain Assays

Kappa Free Light Chain (FLC) is a 22kD protein while Lambda FLC is usually a dimer of 44kD as presented in the serum. Elevated levels of Kappa or Lambda FLC are associated with plasma cell disorders such as multiple myeloma, lymphocytic neoplasms, Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia, AL amyloidosis, light chain deposition disease and connective tissue diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus.

  • Assay utilizes polyclonal antibodies for comprehensive detection
  • Eliminates the need for standalone systems with a wide range of instrument parameters available for facilitating and simplifying implementation
  • Excellent lot to lot performance with a large dynamic range
  • No sample pre-dilution is required.
  • Liquid stable format requires no reagent preparation, saving time and reducing sample handling
  • Fast test results (10 minutes) for a rapid turnaround time

Product Availability: USA

Sample Type: Serum

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Name Part Size
Human Kappa Free Light Chain DZ169A-KY1 1x22mL (R1); 1x7mL (R2); 5 x 1.5 mL Calibrator
Human Lambda Free Light Chain DZ170A-KY1 1x22mL (R1); 1x7mL (R2); 5 x 1.5 mL Calibrator

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