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Haptoglobin is a serum protein which binds hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying pigment in red blood cells. Measurement of haptoglobin may aid in the diagnosis of hemolytic diseases related to the formation of hemoglobin-haptoglobin complexes and certain kidney diseases. Haptoglobin, an acute phase protein, is a potential reporter molecule for glycosylation changes in the serum which may increase in inflammation and liver disease.


  • For the quantitative measurement of human haptoglobin by immunoturbidimetric assay.
  • Reagents are ready to use and do not require reconstitution.

Calibrator: Multi-Analyte Calibrator

Control: ITA Controls

Product Availability: Americas

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Name Part Size
HAPTOGLOBIN KAI-022 3x18 mL (R1); 2x7 mL (R2)

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