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Glycated Serum Protein

Fructosamine is a term that has come into acceptance and refers to both glycoalbumin and glycated total protein. As the average life span of these proteins is about 2-3 weeks, the level of fructosamine provides a reflection of the average glucose concentration over that time. Fructosamine and glycohemoglobin are both used to monitor diabetic control. However, each assay provides information for a specific time frame that is related to the analyte being measured. Since the life span of hemoglobin is closer to 6-8 weeks, glycohemoglobin measurements reflect the average glucose concentration over this longer period of time. Therefore, in comparison to glycohemoglobin determinations, fructosamine provides an index of intermediate-term diabetic control as opposed to the longer term for glycohemoglobin. Also, because of the shorter life span of the glycated albumin and total proteins, fructosamine measurements are more sensitive to changes in diabetic control. This provides a means to alert the physician to improvement, or deterioration in control much earlier than glycohemoglobin determinations.


  • This reagent is intended for the quantitative measurement of fructosamine.
  • Reconstituted reagent is stable for 7 days if stored at room temperature (15-25°C) or 30 days if stored refrigerated (2-8°C).

Calibrator: Glycated Serum Protein Calibrators and Controls

Control: Glycated Serum Protein Calibrators and Controls

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FRUCTOSAMINE/GSP DZ112B-KY1 1x60 mL (R1); 1x17 mL (R2)

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