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CH50 Autokit

The complement cascade, consisting of 20 serum proteins, plays an important role in the body´s immunological defense system. Complement activity in human sera can provide important information in the diagnosis of many diseases. Clinically, complement activity is a direct indicator of abnormalities of the complement system, and is different from immunoreactive components of the system. Complement activity has been correlated with the active stage of systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, cryoglobulinemia-vasculitis, some form of nephritis, and inherited deficiencies of the complement system.


  • The CH50 Kit is an in vitro lyposome immunoassy for the quantitative measurement of total complement activity.
  • Ascorbic acid concentrations up to 50 mg/dL, homoglobin concentrations up to 500 mg/dL and bilirubin concentrations up to 40 mg/dL do not have a significant effect on the Autokit CH50 Assay.

Calibrator: CH50 Autokit Calibrator

Control: CH50 Autokit Control

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Name Part Size
CH50 AUTOKIT 995-40801 2x20 mL Liposome; 1x20 mL Substrate; 1x20 mL Diluent

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