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The majority of calcium in the body is present in bones. The remainder of the calcium is present in serum and has various functions. For example, calcium ions decrease neuromuscular excitability, participate in blood coagulation, and activate some enzymes. Calcium has traditionally been difficult to measure accurately and precisely, and a large variety of methods have been developed.


  • For the quantitative measurement of calcium.
  • No significant interference displayed from samples with elevated levels of hemolysis, lipemia or icterus. Reduces the need for sample dilutions.
  • One part, stable liquid. Easy to use, no additional preparation required.
  • Excellent precision. Confidence in results.
  • Wide variety of chemistry analyzer applications available. Flexible testing, well suited for use with fully automated procedures.

Calibrator: DC-Cal Multi-Analyte Calibrator

Control: DC-Trol Multi-Analyte Control Materials

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Name Part Size
CALCIUM 140-20 4x125 mL (R1); 1x15 mL Standard
CALCIUM 140-24 1x1000 mL (R1)

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