Expertise and Innovation in Coagulation

Hospital coagulation labs and reference labs play a key role in patient care. Speed to result is critically important for coagulation test results used in clinical settings and drug monitoring.

Sekisui Diagnostics gives your lab the tools you need to deliver quality, reproducible, fast results with our high productivity, high-throughput coagulation system analyzer and dedicated reagents. The CP3000 system and its reagents help you meet your core laboratory needs.

Our CP3000 automated coagulation analyzer provides your lab with a fast, small-footprint, high-throughput system. You’ll:

  • run more tests
  • turn around results faster
  • save precious space in your lab.

With a dedicated, bar-coded coagulation test panel of routine and specialty assays, the CP3000 provides cost-effective coagulation test results in less than 2.5 minutes, processing up to 400 PTs/hour.  Assays include PT, a choice of two APTT reagents, TT, fibrinogen, D-dimer, FDP, factor assays, plasminogen, a2 plasmin inhibitor, AT, PC, dRVV and heparin anti-Xa.

Reagents with excellent on board stability – many in liquid-ready format – save time and reduce the risk of reconstitution errors, providing confidence in results  We offer a complete line of liquid chromogenic reagents, including AT, PC, plasminogen, a2-plasmin inhibitor and heparin anti-Xa.

Intuitive touchscreen operation and easy-to-load barcoded reagents provide operators of all levels accurate and reliable test results.

Patients rely on the quality of your results. Sekisui Diagnostics provides your coagulation lab quality reagents that deliver reproducible, accurate results – time after time.

For more information on purchasing the CP3000 coagulation system, please Contact Us.

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