OSOM® Product Training

Follow these steps to obtain your certificate:

  1. Observe an educational product demonstration from the selection below
  2. Take the quiz and obtain your results
  3. Complete the certificate form
  4. Print the certificate and submit it along with your quiz results to your supervisor for approval

Select an OSOM® Product Video, then Select an Available Language

  • OSOM® BVBLUE® Test
  • OSOM® Card Pregnancy Test
  • OSOM® hCG Combo Test
  • OSOM® hCG Urine Dipstick Test
  • OSOM® H. pylori Test
  • OSOM® iFOB Test
  • OSOM® iFOB Test- Patient Collection Instructions
  • OSOM® Influenza A&B Test
  • OSOM® Mono Test
  • OSOM® RSV/Adeno Test
  • OSOM® Strep A Test
  • OSOM® Trichomonas Test
  • OSOM® Ultra Flu A&B Test
  • OSOM® Ultra Strep A – 25 Test
  • OSOM® Ultra Strep A – 50 Test
OSOM lab kit

OSOM® rapid diagnostics offers you a variety of family and women's health products and our services deliver unparalleled value. Fast, point-of-care results help reduce follow-up visits, promote education/prevention and allow for more precise treatment.

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