Choosing the right contract manufacturer means finding a partner who understands and can build on your expertise. A partner who also offers complete product flexibility, scalable capacity, an unrelenting focus on quality, and the support of technical teams with deep industry knowledge.

Sekisui Diagnostics provides diagnostics and biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing services and product customization focused on the manufacture of enzymes and proteins by microbial fermentation.

Product Customization

While we offer an extensive enzymes and specialty biochemicals portfolio which customers can purchase, we also specialize in product customization.

When an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t meet your needs, Sekisui Diagnostics provides customized discovery, formulation and development services. Because we understand the complexity of matching a material to an application, we work closely with you to create tailor-made products. Whether specifications, method of manufacture, quality standards, formulation or packaging, we create and deliver the custom components you require.

As a global long-standing leading supplier of enzymes, we provide products for: biotransformations, biotherapeutic manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, sterility testing of antibiotics as well as immunoassays, molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry and biosensors.

Our experienced team has also supported the development, scale-up and manufacture of plasmids, antibodies and carbohydrates.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Sekisui Diagnostics’ expertise in enzyme and protein manufacturing combined with expert customer service, a focus on quality, flexibility in scale, packaging & shipping, make us the partner of choice for global organizations.

Our facilities include world-class fermentation-based manufacturing, along with fully integrated Research & Development, Quality and Engineering teams. Core manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Fermentation at 100L, 500L, 1,000L, and 5,000L scale
  • Extensive downstream processing options
  • Chromatography at 20L to 200L scale
  • Freeze drying up to 80L scale, bulk powder and vials

Our flexibility of scale ranges from small R&D quantities to full-scale manufacturing, allowing us to support you every step of the way from concept through process optimization to product launch.

Quality, Safety and Environmental Accreditations

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Safety Management System) and deep CTPAT knowledge provide our partners with a guarantee of quality products manufactured in tightly regulated environments.

Global Shipping Expertise

As a global supplier, Sekisui Diagnostics’ experience with international shipping and import/export requirements, REACH regulations, and Global Harmonization Standards provides you the assurance that your products will be delivered on time – every time.

Your Contract Manufacturing Partner

We work with you to give you the exact product you need – on your timeline.

Sekisui Diagnostics is known for developing strong relationships with our customers. We believe in partnering with you to deliver your optimal product.

Using a disciplined project management approach, we work closely with you to develop an appropriate and cost-effective solution to your unique biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing challenge. This ensures the timely delivery of your desired product.

Whether you need customized product specifications, packaging or shipping options, or want to rapidly scale production and reduce costs, Sekisui Diagnostics delivers your product to quality standards you require – along with the support and expertise you expect.

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