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As a distributor of medical and diagnostic products, you’re faced with the challenge of having the best selection of products available to meet the needs of your diverse customers. In today’s competitive market, you must offer your customers the fastest, most reliable, high-performance and innovative diagnostics available.You need to fill product line gaps, and offer the widest possible spectrum of diagnostic test solutions to your physician office & central laboratories, hospital lab, urgent care facility and clinic customers.Whether it’s rapid test kits and assays, clinical chemistry reagents & systems, or coagulation products, you need readily-available and accessible product documentation, package inserts and technical support. Above all else, your customers require fast test speeds, high assay sensitivity and reliable quality outcomes.

Diagnostic Products Touching Millions of Patients Every Year

Lab managers and medical professionals value SEKISUI Diagnostics’ in vitro diagnostics testing products, leading to global adoption and widespread use:

Our product lines cover women’s health, men’s health, diabetes, infectious disease, cardiovascular, hematology, metabolic testing and point-of-care testing – from rapid tests, point-of-care immunoassay systems to clinical chemistry & coagulation systems & reagents to enzymes.  As a global leader in developing, manufacturing and selling chemistry solutions & tests, our brands are recognized for quality and excellence.

Product Marketing Expertise & Support

We know you need tools to educate your customers, marketing materials to answer their needs, and ongoing support when and where you need it. Partnering with SEKISUI Diagnostics gives your distribution organization:

  • Comprehensive Promotional & Advertising Support
    You will have access to our promotional, advertising and sales materials. Our sales literature will guide you in positioning and selling our products.
  • Strong Sales Support
    Highly-skilled reps who have many years of experience in both the diagnostics market and working with distributors provide solid sales support.
  • Exceptional Product Support
    Medical laboratory professionals and product specialists are on staff to assist you and your customers. We also offer product evaluation assistance, in addition to telephone and field technical support.
  • Training Programs
    We provide a range of training programs on our systems and point-of-care products including online multilingual modules for our rapid tests.
  • Systems & Instrumentation
    We supply staff training and support tools to assist with new method evaluation and adoption, including: verification tools, sample protocols, log sheets, instrument applications and CLSI-formatted procedures.
  • Rapid Tests
    Onsite training is available for our point-of-care tests. Additionally, we give you online multilingual product training modules to help get your customers up to speed quickly on proper test procedures.

Making Your Business More Successful

When it comes to building and maintaining a reliable supply chain network, your success is our success. We approach partnering collaboratively. We believe in working together to deliver high-quality medical products with an emphasis on regulatory excellence and world-class marketing, technical and sales support.

Call us today to discover how we can help your lab improve patient care. 

SEKISUI Diagnostics works with partners collaboratively, giving you access to our diverse product portfolio.

 * Note that not all products are available to all distributors.