SEKISUI Diagnostics is part of the SEKISUI Chemical Co. Ltd. family, and a sister company to SEKISUI Medical. Backed by the resources of our global parent, we remain focused on contributing to the realization of healthy and enriched lifestyles for all people.

Headquartered in Burlington, MA, USA, we have more than 550 employees worldwide with R&D and manufacturing facilities on two different continents while our long tenured sales & service staff concentrates on building strong partnerships with our customers across the globe.

At SEKISUI Diagnostics, we help improve patient outcomes by doing what we’ve always done – focusing on innovating and developing highly accurate diagnostic tests, reagents and systems.

Our clinical diagnostic experience includes the development of the first homogeneous test for LDL and we have become a leading provider of rapid tests in the U.S. as well as high throughput coagulation analyzer systems in Japan.

We are also a leader in the manufacture of high quality enzymes and specialty biochemicals to the global healthcare market.  We supply high quality materials for a variety of applications, including enzymes for biotherapeutic manufacture, pharmaceutical production, clinical chemistry reagents, POC/biosensor devices and we offer process development, fermentation and purification competency.

Our expertise has produced broad product lines, including:

  • Clinical chemistry reagents and instrument systems
  • Coagulation reagents and systems
  • Infectious disease rapid tests
  • Point of Care testing immunoassay system
  • Enzymes and specialty biochemicals
  • Pre-analytic Systems

In recent years, social and consumer needs for medical care have been diversifying in line with dramatic transformations in the global medical environment. We will continue to embrace change and challenge new frontiers so that we can create unique, high-quality products and services that will leave our customers truly satisfied. With worldwide state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and an international sales and distribution network, we are a solid partner for healthcare professionals, distributors, and manufacturers around the world. Our global capabilities allow us to meet the specific needs of our wide range of customers – and customize solutions at both a regional and product level.

SEKISUI Diagnostics is part of SEKISUI Americas Corporation (SAC), a group of companies united in their dedication to developing creative technologies that make the world a better place across the industries we serve. With a commitment to supporting both local and global communities through responsible business practices, our companies produce:

  • Specialty chemicals, foams and laminates that can improve safety
  • High-performance plastics that can save weight, decrease fuel consumption and reduce wear and tear
  • Medical diagnostics, research and clinical support that lead to faster diagnosis and quicker treatment
  • Manufacturing solutions and technologies that can save help conserve resources
  • Environmental-focused practices that help protect our environment and reduce the impact of maintenance and rehabilitation

SAC, acts as the regional headquarters for the North American companies and enables us to do MORE to support our customers, our partners and the environment.

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In Europe, SEKISUI offers outstanding plastics for industrial applications with focus on four business fields:

  • Transportation
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Electronics
  • Medical Diagnostics.

We are aligned in a group of 9 companies spread over seven countries, over 1,000 employees. and more than 50 years of experience.. As a group of companies, we combine our internal strengths with the ultimate goal being to help improve people’s lives – all over the world.

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