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Clinical Chemistry

Providing Clinical Chemistry laboratories with high-quality open system reagents and a novel compact efficient analyzer. With SEKURE® reagents and the SK500® system your labs’ needs are covered.

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High-efficiency coagulation systems and reagents and specialty assays.

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Point of Care Testing

Fast, accurate diagnostics for effective point-of-care testing. The FastPack® IP Immunoassay System, OSOM® Rapid Tests and Silaris® Molecular Platform can help treatment begin before the patient leaves the office.

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Pre-Analytic Systems

Components used for the manufacturing of blood collection tubes.

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Specialty biochemicals and enzymes for diagnostic reagent and biosensor manufacturers.

Biopharma Services

Biopharma Services

The Microbial Fermentation Experts – Making Enzymes for our Partners for over 40 Years.

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