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Bile Acids

Total bile acids are metabolized in the liver and hence serve as a marker for normal liver function. Serum total bile acids are increased in patients with acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, liver sclerosis and liver cancer.

Features and Benefits


  • Total Bile Acids Assay kit is intended for the measurement¬†of total bile acids (TBA).¬†
  • The reagents of the assay kit are in a stable liquid formulation that allows for ease of use coupled with enhanced performance characteristics.
  • Reagents are supplied ready-to-use.


Name Part Size
BILE ACIDS DZ042A-K01 2x30 mL (R1); 2x10 mL (R2); 1x5 mL Calibrator
BILE ACIDS DZ042A-K 2x60 mL (R1); 2x20 mL (R2); 1x5 mL Calibrator
BILE ACIDS 60-018 1x250 mL (R1)
BILE ACIDS 60-019 1x100 mL (R2)