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Iron measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions such as iron deficiency anemia, hemochromatosis (characterized by a progressive increase in iron stores leading to organ impairment), chronic inflammatory disorders, hepatitis, and lead poisoning.

Features and Benefits


  • For the IN VITRO quantitative measurement of iron in serum. 
  • Reduces paraprotein interference. Ideal for renal laboratories.
  • Applicable to multiple instrument platforms. Choice of analyzer platform.
  • Laboratory flexibility.


  • For the quantitative measurement of iron. 
  • Two part stable liquid, ready to use reagent. Easy to use, no additional preparation required. 
  • Excellent lipemic interferences. Sample Pretreatment is not required.
  • Applicable to multiple instruments platforms. Laboratory flexibility.


Name Part Size
IRON TOTAL-PC 102-15 1x250 Acid Dissociating Reagent (R1); 1x0.75 g Ascorbic Acid (R1); 1x250 Acid Dissociating Diluent (R1); 1x125 mL Color Reagent (R2)
IRON TOTAL-PC 102-25 1x500 Acid Dissociating Reagent (R1); 1x1.5 g Ascorbic Acid (R1); 1x500 Acid Dissociating Diluent (R1); 1x250 mL Color Reagent (R2)
IRON TOTAL-SL 157-30 3x100 mL (R1); 1x75 mL (R2); 1x10 mL Standard